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After Elvis successfully recorded two of Norman's songs for a movie and a hit album, a showdown ensued between the Colonel and Norman.

Additional songs prepared by Norman were derailed by the Colonel, similar to Dolly Parton's experience with "I Will Always Love You."

This confrontation led to the disappearance of rockabilly tracks filled with grit and sexuality that Elvis adored, until now.

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"Give Me the Right" and "Put the Blame on Me" are official Elvis releases written by Norman Blagman.

The songs uncovered from Norman's revelations on his deathbed were originally presented to Elvis by one of the King's favorite demo singers, Jimmy Breedlove.

Jimmy Breedlove, alongside Norman, frequently set the tone for recording sessions, influencing the musical direction and energy of the tracks.

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The songs we are officially offering to you written for Elvis by Norman and thwarted by the Col. are here for the first time in 60 years!  Hear Jimmy Breedlove and a mystery artist sing the forbidden songs, included in membership. Imagine Elvis listening to Jimmy Breedlove and The Kings excitement. Today you are in Elvis' shoes, hearing it as he did!

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Woody Blagman

Son of Norman Blagman

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Acetates, fragile demo records meant to be destroyed, have been remastered to bring them back to the standard as Elvis heard them.

Now, they are presented to you as hi-res audio files!

"Put the Blame on Me"

In 1961, this song burst onto the scene, capturing the spirit of youth challenging societal norms. Recorded by Elvis Presley in the prolific RCA Studio B in Nashville, it featured top musicians like guitarist Hank Garland and pianist Floyd Cramer.

Elvis’ Cinematic Swagger

Four years later, in the 1965 film "Tickle Me," Elvis’ performance as a champion rodeo rider brought the song's defiant spirit to life. This hit movie played a crucial role in saving Allied Artists Pictures.
An AI generated image of Elvis Presley holding an album cover that says Forbidden Elvis

An Era of Change

The early 1960s were a time of immense cultural shifts, with America experiencing social upheaval and the British invasion of the music scene. Elvis, a dominant figure in entertainment, navigated through these changes, influenced by his complex relationship with manager Colonel Tom Parker.

Norman Blagman's Unseen Influence

Co-writer of “Put the Blame on Me,” Norman Blagman crafted other provocative tracks for Elvis, often deemed “forbidden” by Parker. His contribution to Elvis’s raw, early style is undeniable, shaping the musical landscape of the era.
Norman Blagman working with an African-American singer

A Legacy of Partnership

Decades later, “Put the Blame on Me” stands as a testament to the collaboration between Norman Blagman and Elvis Presley, a symbol of their shared rebellion against the norms of their time.
A collage showing signatures from a contract between Norman Blagman and Elvis Presley's music companies

Elvis and Norman:
Bound by a shared heritage

🎶 In the heart of the Bronx, where the pulse of the city beats strongest, a visionary maestro named Norman Blagman composed melodies that would echo through the ages. With the flick of his wrist and a dream in his heart, he penned songs that were the very fabric of rebellion and heart—the soundtrack of a generation.🎷

🎤 Norman's partnership with Elvis Presley was nothing short of legendary. Together, they forged a musical path laden with the raw energy of rock 'n' roll and the soulful grit of life's untamed stories. Each track they created was a testament to the era's vibrant spirit, a rebel anthem that set hearts racing and feet tapping.🕺

🎼 But the genius of Norman Blagman didn't stop at the gates of Graceland. His talent wove its way through the tapestry of music history, intertwining with the harmonies of diverse artists like the soulful Timi Yuro, the enchanting Fleetwoods, and the dynamic rhythms of Los Lobos. Norman's touch turned every tune, such as the evocative "Give Me the Right," into an immortal echo of the times.🎵

A vintage photograph of Norman Blagman looking away from the camera and smiling

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Just My Luck (1958)

🎶 Unveil "Just My Luck": A precious gem from Elvis's treasure trove, "Just My Luck" is a melody wrapped in the spirit of an era yearning for a voice. This track, with its daring charm, was once a whisper, now a vibrant echo of the King's untold stories.

🌟 Rediscover a Timeless Tale: Voiced by Jimmy Breedlove, this tune mirrors Elvis's enchanting vibrato, bringing to life a bold narrative that was once silenced by the times.

💫 Feel the Heartbeat of Rebellion: This isn't just a song; it's a celebration of the enduring bond between Elvis and Norman Blagman, a testament to their courage and artistry. Welcome this long-awaited piece of history into your heart and let it shine.

Rollin' Stone (1959)

🌸 Unveil 'Rollin' Stone': Embrace the enchanting melodies of "Rollin' Stone," a song that whispers of Elvis's untold tales. This hidden gem was meant to twine through cinematic scores, offering a glimpse into the King's more contemplative side.

🌌🌹 Elvis's Heartfelt Reflections: Travel with "Rollin' Stone" into the depths of Elvis's introspection, where his innermost yearnings and tender vulnerabilities resonate with the rhythmic beat of a heart seeking solace between freedom's call and home's gentle embrace.

🏡🎥 A Soulful Mosaic: With its tender mix of bold charisma and delicate openness, "Rollin' Stone" is a testament to Elvis's readiness to traverse new creative paths. Though it remained shrouded from the world, this piece beckons us to imagine an Elvis portraying complex characters with the richness he inherently possessed. 🎼

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Wild In The Country (1961)

🎤 Embrace the Heart of 'Wild in the Country': Norman Blagman penned a track that echoes the untamed essence of Elvis's cinematic adventure. Infused with a rebellious beat, it promised to be the anthem for Elvis's 1961 picture, capturing its youthful exuberance.

🌟 Unseen Onscreen Magic: Yet, a twist of fate and a clash with the formidable Colonel Parker saw Norman's vibrant tune replaced, leaving the film with a gentler melody.

🎸 A Rebel's Echo: Though never gracing the film, "Wild in the Country" lives on as a bold emblem of Elvis's vibrant artistry and Norman's courageous compositions, a whispered legend of the King's screen legacy.

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